Monday, 14 September 2015

My One Year Product Stash

Hi ladies. How was your weekend? Do you know the blog will be one year in a month?! *whoop whoop*. There would be a giveaway to celebrate my One year blogversary so watch out!! Have you ever looked at your stash of hair products and wondered if you’re a hair junkie? I guess the answer for most hair bloggers would be a big YES! Well I wonder if I am too sometimes even though my stash isn’t as much as those who have been on their hair journeys longer than I have. Another question I was asked a lot from my #AskMoma twitter conversation was what products were needed to start a healthy hair journey. So I decided to put up a post today on my product stash, why I chose these products, my staples and which ones I have discontinued and will discontinue.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Washday – Knotless Braids

Hi Ladies. How have y’all been? I washed my hair over the weekend after 2 weeks of not washing it. I had to start washing bi-weekly after experiencing breakage from my protein overload. Before I talk about how my washday went, I’d like to say a very BIG thank you to all my readers and fellow hair bloggers for your comments and advice. My hair has stopped breaking now and is in a good place – so good that I installed knotless braids. Lol!

Friday, 4 September 2015

What’s in My Bag?!

Hi ladies. Welcome to a new month and the end of a beautiful week. We’re in the last quarter of the year and I still must say I don’t know how the months have flown by. Lord help us!! Uzo of Don’t Touch the Hair tagged me in the What’s in the bag tag last month. Here’s what’s in my bag;